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Professor NG Kwok Wai, Enders

Professor NG Kwok Wai, Enders

Associate Dean (Alumni Affairs), Faculty of Medicine Professor / COS, Division of Upper Gastrointestinal and Metabolic Surgery Department of Surgery The Chinese University of Hong Kong (MBChB 1989)

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About The Art Piece:

"Bringing in the wine"《將進酒》Calligraphy

Li Bai's "Bringing in the wine" 《將進酒》vividly expresses his upset about his talents not being recognised. It also denotes his sorrow about the shortness of life. Along the poem there are melancholy of serving the country without a way and lament of time fast passing, which leads to the poet's drinking for relieving sadness. The style of the whole writing is soaring and elegant, boundless and unrestrained, natural and magnificent. Rhetorical techniques also emerge in many ways, such as the Yellow River as a metaphor for the perishability of life, which contrasts sharply to the shortness, insignificance, and fragility of man's life.

230 cm (H) x 91 cm (W)

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