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Dr. LIYEUNG Lucci Lugee

Dr. LIYEUNG Lucci Lugee

Associate Consultant Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology Prince of Wales Hospital (MBChB 2011)

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About The Art Piece:

Dumo in the City: A Cheetah's Hong Kong Adventure

"Dumo in the City" is an immersive and whimsical artwork that combines the charm of a cartoon cheetah Dumo and other animal friends with the vibrant cityscape of Hong Kong. The concept revolves around the cheetah, a symbol of curiosity and agility, venturing into the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong and discovering its unique landmarks.

Dumo the cheetah serves as the central character, portrayed in a cartoonish style that exudes energy and curiosity. Dumo is shown at the heart of Hong Kong's iconic skyline, sitting atop a skyscraper, and checking the city map. The buildings are exaggerated and vibrant, with a touch of whimsy, reflecting the lively energy of Hong Kong.

The artwork employs a bold and vibrant color palette to reflect the energy and vibrancy of Hong Kong. The cheetah's fur could be rendered in warm, earthy tones, while the cityscape and surrounding elements can be depicted in a range of vivid and contrasting colors, including vibrant blues, reds, and oranges.

By combining the grace and agility of the cheetah with the vibrant spirit of Hong Kong, "Dumo in the City" creates a captivating and immersive experience that celebrates the unique blend of nature and urban life. It invites viewers to embark on a playful adventure and showcases the beauty and charm of Hong Kong from a fresh and whimsical perspective.

65 cm (H) x 84 cm (W)

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