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Professor WONG Hung Leung, Randolph

Professor WONG Hung Leung, Randolph

Professor and Chief, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery Department of Surgery The Chinese University of Hong Kong (MBChB 2000)

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About The Art Piece:

Whisky and Prof Gosling Portrait

Prof Gosling Portrait:

Size: 22 cm (H) x 28 cm (W)

Professor J.A. Gosling was a highly respected and beloved anatomy teacher at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). He was known for his engaging lectures, his passion for his subject, and his ability to inspire his students to pursue the study of Anatomy.

The use of LAMY® copper-orange ink on TomoeRiver ® Sakae Technical Paper creates a striking and dynamic background that complements the ink pen sketch of the portrait. The result is a work of art that captures Professor Gosling's charisma and energy, as well as the impact he had on his students and colleagues.

It's worth noting that the idea for this artwork came from MBChB Class 2000 and MBChB 2001 that were deeply influenced by Professor Gosling and wanted to honor his memory in a meaningful way. The fact that this art piece was a collaborative effort underscores the powerful impact that Professor Gosling had on the people around him, and the lasting legacy he leaves behind.

We would also like to thank Club Qing Whisky Bar to make this project possible.

The Whisky:

Bunnahabhain Distillery
Matured in a sherry butt
11 Years Old
53.6% VOL

Tasting Notes:

Sensational Symphony of Flavors Unveiled: Discover Iodine Infusion, Saltwater Elegance, and More!

Nose: Dive into an exquisite blend of iodine, oceanic saltwater allure, savory delights, a subtle herbal whisper, and the richness of leather notes.

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