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Professor WONG Hung Leung, Randolph

Professor WONG Hung Leung, Randolph (黃鴻亮教授)

Professor and Chief, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery Department of Surgery The Chinese University of Hong Kong (MBChB 2000)


As an artist and surgeon, Dr. WONG is enamoured by the intersection of Science and Art. From his younger age, he has been captivated by the world of creativity and craftsmanship. Mere creativity and empty imagination have their own limitations, he is cognizant that true fulfilment arises from utilizing his skills to benefit others. Surgery represents the pinnacle blend of Science and Art which requires immense knowledge of anatomy, pathophysiology to create a functionally and aesthetically appealing final form through a series of well-planned procedures with the aids of a scalpel, staplers, and sutures; Art is a series of brush works, paint strokes, and colour blending to capture different manifestations of light to allow the expression of one’s mind– while the former helps to heal the body of a patient, the later helps to heal the soul of the artist, and, hopefully, the one who appreciates it.

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